Technical SEO for General Contractors: Your Detailed Guide

Does your company’s website shine in the search results? When it comes to search engine optimization, the content of a site often gets emphasized. Content strategies for SEO include: Choosing the appropriate keywords and using them with optimal frequency. Sharing clear, compelling text. Displaying images that have a professional quality and meaningful descriptions in their […]

Best Roofing Website Designs

The Best Way to Design a Roofing Website

When designed well, a website can be an incredible asset for a roofing business. Along with boosting your ranking in search engines, good design practices can convince website visitors to become your customers. A well-designed roofing site provides a smooth and easy user experience. It convinces potential customers that you’re trustworthy. And it communicates the […]

Website Solutions

4 Ways to Maximize your Construction Website’s Performance

Residential and commercial contractors work in an extremely competitive field. For contractors with the right website and marketing solutions, there are opportunities to thrive. For example, the U.S. home remodeling industry is expected to be valued at $352 billion in 2021. Trends in commercial and industrial construction also show various opportunities, such as a demand […]

Is Construction Essential In Your State?

Is Construction Essential In Your State? [interactive map]

America is closed for non-essential businesses but what about construction? For the most part, construction projects are considered essential and can continue operations as usual during the “stay at home” / “shelter in place” orders. There are certain states, counties, and cities where construction has been shut down. State breakdown of construction orders. Hover and […]