Website Content

Is Your Construction Website Giving Customers What They Want?

Research from the Farnsworth Group reveals the specific types of information visitors to a construction website want to see most. It follows that as a business owner, you should provide that information. With approximately 20 percent of potential clients making contractor hiring decisions based on data they gather online, it is important that your website […]

Contractor Marketing Tips

Contractor Marketing: Do’s & Don’ts for 2016

Each year brings new technologies and trends that change the way general contractors and construction businesses market their services online, and 2016 is no exception. Internet marketing techniques and best practices for designing and promoting websites are constantly evolving. Here are our top marketing tips for maximizing your site’s potential and implementing new strategies while […]

SEO Firms

Set Realistic Expectations for Effective SEO

When it comes to effectively marketing any business, online visibility is crucial. This applies just as much to construction companies as to any other type of business. After all, search engines are the modern day equivalent of the yellow pages. If your construction business doesn’t pop off the page — or, in the case of […]

Content Marketing

Why Construction Contractors Need Content Marketing

Like many construction company owners, you may assume that there’s no point in creating a blog for your business. After all, construction-related topics don’t lend themselves to fun, engaging posts. Or do they? If this mindset sounds familiar, it’s time to rethink things. In this day and age, no business can afford not to engage […]