Home Builder Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Success Online

Here are the best marketing strategies for home builders. If you want to take your business to the next level with sustainable growth? This is your guide.
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If you’re serious about growing your business, then you need to understand how to implement marketing strategies. Embracing digital and physical marketing strategies can lead to increases in leads, sales, and revenue.

There are many online marketing strategies available to builders and in this article we will review the best ways to grow your home builder business online.

Why is marketing your home builder company important?

Many home builders succeed solely on word of mouth and referrals but sometimes that isn’t enough to keep your business thriving.

It’s important to do marketing so you have more than one source of referrals and leads. By utilizing different marketing strategies, you will be able to learn about your customers, where to find them and what they are looking for.

Home builder marketing offers many advantages which include:

  • Increased visibility: This is the most immediate benefit of home builder marketing. A home builder that does online marketing will reach more potential clients than if they didn’t do online marketing.
  • Customer Acquisition Growth: At the top of the marketing funnel this is the most important result to marketing. With more customers requesting estimates you will build a stable sales pipeline.
  • Marketing Diversification: By having different marketing channels you are able to minimize risk.
  • Sales & Revenue Growth: ROI (Return on Investment) is going to be the most important metric for your marketing. This will help you determine how profitable your marketing is and how you can grow your revenue.
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Social Media Content 101

Social Media Content 101

Before getting into practical strategy, it’s a good idea to recap some of the basic Do’s and Don’ts of social media content.

It would be impossible to detail every little thing that you should keep in mind when creating your social media content. But the most important thing is to trust your own intuition. In general, if something makes you hesitate, you probably shouldn’t post it.

Know Your Audience

An important fundamental element of content creation is truly understanding the audience it aims to reach. Unfortunately, many brands (construction and otherwise) ignore this critical step, and jump straight into their social media posts. By clearly defining your audience, you can always ask the question, “Would my audience appreciate this?”.

If you haven’t taken the time to define your audience, use these questions to help guide you:

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