18 Best Home Services Website Designs for 2024

 In this article we’ve gathered the best home services websites in 2024 and highlight some of the most important web design elements to them.

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Creating a professional website is one surefire way to get more eyes on your home services business. But not just any website—if you really want to stand out from the competition and grow your business, you must invest in a high-quality, professional website. After all, your website is often the first interaction your customers will have with your business, and you want to make a good impression.

A professional website design will provide potential customers with valuable information about your business, like your home services, reviews and your contact details, but it can also generate leads and boost sales.

If you’re ready to invest in a new website or a website redesign, read this article and learn from the best home services website designs of 2024.

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Best Home Services Website Designs in 2024​

Southern Home Services

Southern Home Services​

Your visitors aren’t going to spend all day tracking down your photo number on your site. That’s why we like the Southern Home Services website, as it masterfully places its contact information in multiple parts of the website. From the bright blue, highlighted “contact us” tab in the navigation bar and the phone number in the top right-hand corner to the sticky “connect with us” bar that features texting, email, and calling options, it’s easy for customers to see it no matter where they are on the page. We also thought the map and interactive locations further down the homepage were an added bonus to this design.

United Home Services

United Home Services​

Because home service companies need to convey a lot of information on their websites, their calls to action often get buried in all the copy. That’s not the case for the United Home Services website, though, as the clear and concise homepage identifies the actions it wants its customers to take, such as scheduling an appointment, requesting a free quote, and calling now. Moreover, we appreciate the interactive elements of this design, such as the sticky chat feature and the interactive map that invites visitors to click on each state to learn more about its service areas.

Carter Services

Carter Services​

It’s clear that Carter Services recognizes the value of a well-organized website. We like how this website’s navigation bar has tabs highlighting its home services, but it also easily denotes its services in the icons below the centerfold. At a glance, visitors can see what services the company provides without having to click around. Additionally, we give props to this home services website for including three bold clickable buttons, “book now,” “service area,” and “our reviews,” that encourage visitors to explore more about the business.

Sears Home Services

Sears Home Services​

The Sears Home Services website gets right down to business. This website has a “schedule now” feature right off the bat, giving visitors the option to get their appliances serviced ASAP. We also appreciate how the site provides a “how it works” section, revealing that the entire process only involves two simple steps. Other notable features of this website include the sticky navigation bar and chat feature, which always remain visible as the visitor navigates around the site.



The PreFix website graces our list because it’s proof that, sometimes, less is more. This home services website doesn’t fuss with fancy elements or images but sticks with a simple, straightforward, and well-organized design. We like how the orange “get started” button stands out against the blue background, drawing in the visitor’s attention. We also are fans of how the website explains the simplicity of getting started, as it outlines each step in the process with a simple icon and brief text that slowly appears as the visitor scrolls down the page.

Integrity Home Solutions

Integrity Home Solutions​

The Home Integrity Solutions website does a good job of placing its calls to action above the centerfold, encouraging its visitors to schedule an appointment, give them a call, and explore financing options. We also thought the clickable Google rating and reviews caption was a nice touch as it shows the company is upfront about its customers’ feedback. Furthermore, this home services website gets extra points for having an accessibility tools window, with options to change the text size, color contrasts, and more.

NJR Home Services

NJR Home Services​

The NJR Home Services website deserves kudos for its scrolling carousel with high-quality images and clickable “learn more” buttons. These moving images provide the company with an engaging way of highlighting its most important services and prominent messaging. Other elements that we appreciate about this design include the sticky navigation bar with options for signing up, requesting a quote, and calling the company, along with the “our solutions” list of simple and straightforward graphics.

Sanders Home Services

Sanders Home Services​

Although the Sanders Home Services design is a little busier than we’d like to see, there are still a lot of elements on this site that are worth celebrating. For starters, we like how the interactive “chat now” box immediately pops up on the page, suggesting this company values customer service. We also thought the scrolling carousel of customer reviews was a nice addition as it’s a testament to the company’s strong reputation. And to top it off, the website incorporated a video clip of its commercial, which is not something we’ve seen many other home services websites do.

ACE Home Services

ACE Home Services​

The ACE Home Services page is another prime example of a website design that uses color to denote important calls to action. This design incorporates blue and yellow to direct the visitor’s eyes toward the “see details,” “schedule online,” and telephone number. As the visitor scrolls down, they can clearly see all the services outlined under each category, making it easy for them to navigate to the area that pertains to them. What’s more, this website also features accessibility tools, which is always a plus in our book, as usability is of utmost importance.

Lion Home Service

Lion Home Service​

It’s evident that Lion Home Service understands the sense of urgency a customer feels when an appliance breaks in their home, and that’s why this website includes an emergency service field front and center. Visitors can easily type in their emails and get immediate assistance without having to click on different tabs to find what they need. Another feature we like on this website is the group of clear and simple icons, each representing a home service, right under the centerfold. These little graphics further help create an inviting, user-friendly experience.

Colorado Home Services

Colorado Home Services​

When it comes to the Colorado Home Services website, simplicity wins again. We like the easy-to-navigate design and simple use of the green and white color scheme. Another perk of this home services website design is that a free quote window automatically pops up, giving the user the option of filling in the fields without searching for that page on the site. What’s more, we thought it was interesting that the company used the space below the center fold to focus on its commitment to protecting the environment and giving back to the community, which is a qualifier that sets it apart from the competition.

Five Star Home Services Inc

Five Star Home Services Inc​

The Five Star Home Services Inc home page is another design that expertly incorporates a scrolling carousel video highlighting its top services. We like the professional-looking images paired with the “read more” buttons that link to pages with more details about the services. As the visitor moves their mouse over the three highlighted services below the carousel, the icons move slightly, inviting the visitor to click on them. Additionally, we found it noteworthy that instead of including a sticky navigation bar, the design has a sticky “go to top” button that conveniently jumps to the top of the page and navigation menu when the visitor clicks it.

Stafford Home Service

Stafford Home Service​

The Stafford Home Service website weaves its red and black color scheme throughout the site to create a cohesive look and feel—even the buttons alternate between red and black when the visitor scrolls over them—proving the power of appropriate color choice. Another aspect that sets this website apart from others on this list is that it provides the visitor with the option to manually scroll through the slider instead of including an automatic slideshow. We like this because it gives the visitor time to digest each slide at their leisure before moving on to the next.

Maitz Home Services

Maitz Home Services​

The Maitz Home Services website is unique from the others on this list in that it promotes coupons front and center, which is an interesting approach for those businesses that want to attract budget-conscience customers. Another notable element is that this design includes several clickable icons with short descriptions that highlight the brand’s qualifiers, such as 24/7 emergency service, 100% satisfaction, and no emergency fees. And, as with some of the other websites on this list, this one features a sticky navigation menu, which further contributes to a user-friendly experience.



What we like about the Neighborly website design is that it gets straight to the point. It features a short description next to the hero image and then dives right in with some descriptive text and a supporting video. The site has a crisp and clean design that allows the company to tell its story without distracting the visitor with different bells and whistles. It has a clearly structured navigation menu and calls to action that foster a smooth customer journey throughout the site.

ACE Handyman Services

ACE Handyman Services​

The ACE Handyman Services website is another design that prioritizes customer intent as it places a convenient zip code locator in the hero image. From here, the visitor can conveniently enter their zip code to find a nearby ACE location. We also appreciate that the website includes some detailed descriptions of the kinds of services the company provides with punchy copy that appeals to the customer experience. To top it off, the website carries the company’s signature color scheme throughout, which helps encourage brand recognition.



The Handy website is an exemplar of simplicity done right. This design just goes to show you don’t need all the frills to have an attractive website that is easy to navigate. Immediately upon arriving on the homepage, visitors can access the company’s services, either by clicking one of the two buttons or scrolling through the featured services listed below. The bold slogan at the top of the page references an “easy, reliable” way of doing business, and this entire design encompasses that feeling of ease and reliability.

Maehunt Home Services

Maehunt Home Services​

There’s something about the Maehunt Home Services website that conveys professionalism. Maybe it’s the big, bold font and confident tone, the high-quality examples of the company’s work, or the subtle incorporation of the color colors throughout the design. Whatever it is—it’s working. Aside from the clean and sleek design, we have to call out the interactive sliding before and after image showing off their handiwork that really knocks it out of the park.

Key Features of the Best Home Services Websites

Home Services Website Features

A Website Design That Stands Out

Part of differentiating your website from all the other home services websites involves ensuring your design stands out from the competition. Begin by analyzing your competitors’ websites. Are there things that their sites are lacking? And are there elements you could improve on? You’ll want to create an attractive, well-organized website design that impresses your customers while providing a helpful, informative, user-friendly experience that your customers will remember.

Social Proof and Trust Signals

Don’t just tell your customers you have a great business, show them. When building your website, consider incorporating customer testimonials and Google ratings and reviews into your design. After all, customers are often more inclined to do business with a brand that others will vouch for.

Also, think about ways you can quantify your company’s experience, such as including the number of years you’ve been in business or the number of jobs you’ve completed to demonstrate your expertise.

Simple Lead Forms

Quote requests are a big part of any home service business, so it’s crucial to incorporate simple, easy-to-use lead forms into your website design. Be sure to place these forms in easily accessible locations on your page, like in the hero image or navigation menu, and only include a few fields, like the customer’s contact information and reason for the quote.

Optimized for Local SEO

If you don’t optimize your website, you’re missing out on a big piece of the pie. After all, local SEO is what makes your website show up in the search results when a customer searches for home services in their area. To stay competitive and ensure your website appears in relevant searches, focus on incorporating local SEO terms into your website copy.

Understanding the Web Design Process

Web Design Process

Planning and Visual Sitemap

The first step towards a new home services website involves planning and creating a visual sitemap. As its name suggests, a sitemap is a visual representation of the hierarchy of your pages. It’s like a blueprint that shows the structure of your website.

Your web designer should work with you on creating the visual sitemap so it’s aligned with your goals and the best marketing strategies.


Next, you’ll share all your asset through a file sharing website like Dropbox or Google Drive. This includes project images, your logo files, written content and videos if you have any.


Once all your assets have been shared the design phase begins. This always starts with designing the homepage first. Once the homepage design is ready, you will review it and share your feedback and the web designer will make any necessary changes. Once the homepage design is approved you will follow the same process for the remaining pages of the website. 

Pro tip: Many web design companies limit the amount of designs or design changes you can make and then charge you a hefty hourly rate for additional design changes. It’s best to avoid this and work with a company like Contractor Gorilla, we provide unlimited design concepts and design revisions at no extra cost.


During this phase your web designer will build out your website and set up a testing URL. A testing website gives you the ability to preview and use the new website before it’s live.

Content Finalization

The next step is to finalize any written content and images. This is done on the testing site so you can see how things are shaping up. You will send any text and image edits you want to make. Once all the content is completed your new site will be tested and ready to go live.


Testing involves getting rid of any glitches and bugs to ensure the website functions as it should. Your web designer will test your site’s usability, compatibility, performance, security, and speed to detect any issues before it goes live.

Go Live

Once your new home services website is exactly how you want it, it’s time to go live.  If your web designer is hosting your website they will need access to your domain name account. If you are hosting the website you will provide access to your hosting and it will be launched live there. 

Pro tip: If your web designer is hosting the website make sure they do not change your nameservers. If they say they have to tell them that’s not true and that you only want the A record updated and the CNAME for www.

Maintenance & Management

Once your website is live, you will want to gain access to your content management system so you can maintain the site. If your web designer is hosting the website they may offer maintenance services, so double check with them.

At Contractor Gorilla we give our clients the ability to update the site when they want but also do updates at no extra cost and we do them same day. 

How Much Do Home Services Websites Cost in 2024?​​

Home Services Web Design Cost

The price tag on a home services website can range anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000. That said, the sweet spot is around $3,500, which will get you a professionally designed website.

When budgeting for a home service website, avoid web design services that build your website for a monthly fee. The reason is you will never own the website and if you cancel your monthly service they will take your website down.

Pro tip: If it’s to good to be true, it is. Avoid services offering a new website design, seo, ppc, social media marketing and blog posting for a low monthly fee. We see many low quality companies offering this type of service and they never deliver and you always get a templated website that you will never own.

Why Hire Contractor Gorilla to Create Your Home Services Website?

Contractor Gorilla is the best choice when it comes to designing and building home services websites, and we have the experience and expertise to back it up. We’ve worked exclusively with home service companies for more than 14 years, during which we’ve completed over 3,287 website projects. And don’t just take our word for it—we have more than 400 five-star reviews from satisfied customers.

You deserve a professional home services website that will get your business noticed. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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