Contractor Gorilla customer reviews.

A few years ago we decided to upgrade our old squarespace website to a more professional site. We found Aaron and Contractor Gorilla on Google and reached out. Aaron is very responsive and easy to work with. He guided us through the process of a new website with ease and completed a nicely designed, SEO optimized, and functional website for us. It has generated us great business over the past few years. He also designed a website for a friend and his company, which turned out great as well. And finally we have used Aaron to handle the complicated Google Adwords campaigns, which has also been successful.

Highly recommend to fellow contractors. Easy and well worth the cost.

Travis B.
Seattle, WA

I have worked with Aaron and the Contractor Gorilla team for four years with great success. They built our All County Exteriors website and delivered a site beyond our expectations. It is beautiful and more importantly, we receive many leads from the site. Also, we have used the Contractor Gorilla’s team to run our Google Pay Per Click program and SEO for our site. Contractor Gorilla provides creative ideas, cutting edge web design, high-level customer communications, and analytics. I highly recommend Contractor Gorilla for your home improvement business.

Russ D.
Lakewood, NJ

I have used Aaron from Contractor Gorilla for almost 4 years now and the level of professionalism he has is the best you can ask for. They are very quick, knowledgeable, and have a great eye for design. I cannot recommend them enough and I plan on working with them for many more years. Give them a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Joshua F.

Bridgeport, WV

Thank you so much for all the hard work. I will recommend you guys forever. I finally got a amazing website after so many unsuccessful attempts dealing with the wrong people, and then I found you guys. I’m very happy, thanks again.

Jorge G.
Miami Lakes, FL

The most effective ROI for your website

I have been using the services of Contractor Gorilla for the last 7 months and I feel very comfortable recommending their services.

They have many benefits you can certainly use if you are looking for a reliable website developer:

1) They are very dependable – you can send a change you want to be made for your website and they will have it ready in the next hour or so.

2) They are designers – just tell them your general idea on what you want and they will make it happen for you.

3) Comfortable costs – we agreed on one of the packages that they offer, and it is really convenient to maintain the monthly payments,(because we know how expensive it can be to have to come out of pocket over $5,000.00 to setup a website).

4) They have experience in the construction industry. They know what you do and how to express it and arrange it in the website.

5) They will take care of every detail – Leave it to them to take care of all of the hassle, that it is to put a website together. They will take care of your project as if it were their own’s.

Trust Contractor Gorilla because they will take the pressure off of you, and onto theirs. Most importantly, they are trustworthy and dependable.

Alex C.

Miami, FL

Aaron and his team were able to build us a great website that fit our budget and needs. They are very responsive to requests and changes. 5 stars all the way.

Stephen H.

Downtown, Provo, UT

I worked with Aaron on our Montana Contracting website and he was amazing to work with. I shopped around quite a bit prior to committing to working with and the quality of website you get, the value is unbeatable. Internally, it took us a long time to get Aaron the information he needed and he was extremely patient and helpful. I highly recommend to anybody in the industry looking for a new website.

Matt N.

New City, NY

We selected Contractor Gorilla to design our website based on their knowledge of our industry which was proven to be a smart choice. We personally worked with Aaron, who provided a descriptive outline on what was needed from us making the process smooth and simple. He was responsive and attentive to our needs. If asked, would we use Contractor Gorilla again…. Absolutely, without a doubt!

Matt T.

Waterford Township, MI

Aaron and the team at Contractor Gorilla where great. The design of my website is elegant and portrays the image I desired. So much easier than attempting to do this on my own for the 50th time. They saved me time, money, and a lot of headaches. I will be using them again for my other business websites. Thank you guys!!!!

Jimmy A.

Armonk, NY

As a small business having a great website and excellent support is very important to us. Contractor Gorilla came highly recommended to us when we started our research on vendors. Ultimately, we are very happy we selected them to be our website vendor. They designed a site that is professional, effective, and easy to update / change as we continue to grow in our business. Also, the customer service is fast, honest, and never disappoints. Thank you Contractor Gorilla, we look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.

Ricardo S.

Hammond, IN

Contractor Gorilla was able to take the vision of our corporate leadership and design a website quickly, efficiently and beautifully. Aaron Rose was our representative and he was very responsive to our requests, gave us great information and feedback and was able to make the process easy. His expertise helped to speed up the process of “going live” with our new website, a process that until the Contractor Gorilla team and the correct team on our end came together, was slow and tedious. This process was enjoyable, because we never ONCE had to send a follow up to check on them, we always were kept aware of where we were in the process and were always immediately responded to. We would whole-heartedly recommend this group for your web design needs, now and into the future, particularly if you have a vision in mind without the technical expertise. I cannot tell you how much I learned during the process, but also, how confident I felt that our vision would be made into reality, without having to take a deep dive myself into understanding coding, and industry jargon, etc. Keep up the good work guys, especially you Aaron!

Che O.

Auburn, AL

Customer Service STARS! I wish everyone could learn from and be like Aaron and his team! We hired Contractor Gorilla after talking to many local and national website designers and are so pleased from both a design and a service perspective. The site looks great, came in on time/within our budget constraints and fulfilled all of our wants. The team is professional, patient, fun to work with, easy to reach, and provides such great service. These guys “get it” which seems rare in the industry for some reason. I can’t say enough good things – JUST HIRE THEM NOW!

Barrie C.
Seattle, WA

Contractor Gorilla redesigned our website a couple of years ago and I couldn’t be happier with the result. To this day, Contractor Gorilla continually helps me in updating info & images. Furthermore, Contractor Gorilla surprisingly amazes me on their prompt response & willingness to help when I have trouble with my web-hosting co. When its time to revamp our website again there’s no question who will do it!

Shelley H.
Los Angeles, CA

Great, talented team! Aaron was really wonderful to work with. We researched many website design firms and ultimately landed with Contractor Gorilla because of Aaron’s professionalism and knowledge of website design and function. In the end, we have a beautiful, functional and modern website. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to rebuild their website.

Moe A.
Mechanicville, NY

Hire with confidence! After spending a considerable amount of time researching and interviewing numerous website design firms I stumbled on to this gem of a company and our partners could not be happier with the end results. From start to finish the professionals at Contractor Gorilla went above and beyond the call of duty. From the consultative style of their sales force to the flawless execution of the design team, Contractor Gorilla delivered a stress free solution; ultimately, solidifying our business partnership for many years to come.

Francisco R.
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Our company recently worked with Contractor Gorilla to create a new website and could not be more thrilled with the outcome. We approached the team with a concept and they turned our vision into reality and exceeded our expectations. The process from start to finish was long but that was entirely on us due to our hectic and busy schedules. This team was so patient and accommodating while we gathered all of the content needed for the site. I was impressed at the level of customer service and I’m confident we’ll have a lasting partnership with Contractor Gorilla. Lastly, this team went above and beyond what we had originally hoped for we look forward to bringing in many new clients with our sleek, modern and functional website. Thank you, Contractor Gorilla!

Brittnee M.
Chicago, IL

Awesome web-designers! Created a brand new site for my real estate brokerage company but would highly recommend them for any of your website needs for any business.

Anand M.
Manhattan, NY

I can’t be more happy with the website Contractor Gorilla, and specifically, Aaron built for Artech Wallcovering Installation! Artechwalls is an incredibly professional site, and just days after being published is already generating leads.

What did they do different? First, they listened to my needs and desires. Second, when recommending things for the site Aaron explained why. That in and of itself is one of the most important things to me. Other people tell you what to do, but without knowing why that recommendation is being offered you can’t really tell if it’s right for you. CG walked me through the entire process of building a contemporary site that gets attention.

Kudos to Aaron and the team at Contractor Gorilla! If you want results, stop shopping and get started!!!

Phil R.
Millville, NJ

Hiring Contractor Gorilla, and the team; Aaron, Marcus and Stephanie was a great decision for our general contracting business. I typically only write Yelp reviews for bad experiences but this company deserves some recognition for the outstanding services they provided me.

The initial meeting with the company was a productive and educational experience, they spent alot of time learning about our company and goals before we even started to talk about the actual web design and marketing. This alone was an indicator to me that I was talking with the right company.

After our initial meeting and some follow up consultations they provided me with a detailed and well thought out strategy document. Their thinking and approach to marketing was spot on and it was so specific to our construction business I thought they must be contractors themselves to know so much about our trades.

After some final adjustments to the strategy they provided me with a formal proposal. This formal proposal was very detailed and pretty much included everything down to the exact completion schedule and how each specific work item will be executed.

I didn’t need to spend too much time deciding if I would hire them, because all the other web design companies I spoke with didn’t even come close to providing this much service before hiring.

Once I hired Contractor Gorilla they blew me away. They continued to provide outstanding service through every step of the project and they never missed a deadline.

I’m very happy with my company’s new website and the marketing they are doing for us on a regular basis. We are already getting leads and seeing positive results to justify the investment I made into this project.

This is what they did for us:

– Complete new branding for my company which included a new logo, business cards, hats and t-shirts.

– Designed and developed a custom website with a content management system.

– All our search engine optimization and local search.

– They built out and manage our social media.

– The write and publish articles and do content marketing for us.

– They created and manage our PPC advertising.

I’m really excited to see how things continue to progress and how much more impactful things will become in the next six months.

Mike D.
Sherman Oaks, CA

I couldn’t be happier with the results of my website! :) They did such a great job capturing exactly what we wanted and translating that into a visually appealing story on our website and marketing materials. Their programming capabilities and vision for creating interactivity was incredible. They take the time to get a good clear idea on how you want to run your business, well before they begin brainstorming how to solve any problems at hand. They were wonderful to deal with! Whenever I had any kind of question, they’d respond back within hours if not minutes! Everything they do is clean and meticulous! I would definitely use them again in the future and have referred many friends and clients to them.

Desiree F.
Los Angeles, CA

Aaron Rose at Contractor Gorilla went above and beyond helping us redesign our website even before we hired him. Before Contractor Gorilla we had another company that handled our website and everything that goes along with having a website, so Aaron was very helpful in laying out everything that needed to be taken care of in preparation of having a new website with the same domain name. He made recommendations and gave advice on website hosting companies, call tracking companies, Google Analytics, and PPC campaigns. Since I told Aaron our main goal with our new website is conversion he evaluated our old website before we even hired him and sent me a five page report showing us how our current website was performing and his expectations for the new one. Once we hired Contractor Gorilla the first sitemap proposal they sent to us was approved and it showed they had an amazing vision for our new website. After quizzing him on the reasons for the new layout of our website every detail was well planned and based off statistical information not just a whim. Throughout the entire process he answered all of my questions, which had to be in the hundreds since this was a three month project. Only downfall was that our project missed the launch deadline, but the scope and size of our website was quite the challenge especially since they built us the most amazing custom content management system, which would have cost double everywhere else. Our custom content management system was built exactly how I wanted plus more since every detail can be easily changed on our website for years to come. Any changes I wanted to make to the content management system and the design were made in a timely manner. I would recommend Contractor Gorilla for anyone in this field. They have the talent, dedication, and knowledge to make your website relevant and a conversion machine on today’s web.

Nicky R.
Charleston, WV

Aaron and Contractor Gorilla is the best! Could not have asked for more a professional or competent firm. They are truly the best and you should definitely enlist their services.

Stephen N.
Midtown East, Manhattan, NY

If ours was not a regional business, I’m not sure I’d be writing this review…I wouldn’t want the local competition to get the same results we have by using Contractor Gorilla. We’re a general contractor, and a Design and Build Firm, and prior to finding Contractor Gorilla “design” unfortunately meant that we ended up designing our own websites as well…certainly not our expertise. We choose the “Gorilla” because 1) They knew our industry, 2) were full service, in the sense that they were able to help us with more than just the website, and 3) gave us the impression during the vetting process that they would be able to meet our deadlines and that we wouldn’t be burdened with additional fees for years to come. They exceeded all of our expectations. CG helped your business (and personally ME and my picky nature) completely refresh:

– Our Website
– Logo
– Social Media
– Mobile Presence
– Marketing and SEO…which we use them for to this day.

The project went a little over on time, but only due to hold-ups on my end (the Gorilla met every deadline), and it came in exactly on budget…coincidentally the two things we pride/sell ourselves on to OUR clients as a General Contractor.

I will, and have, continued to work with Contractor Gorilla, specifically Aaron, on all things web related, and look forward to a very long working relationship. Truly a relief, I’m so grateful we were able to find these guys.

Jesse F.
Santa Barbara, CA

All I have to say is that Contractor Gorilla just gets what its all about. Excellent service! I can’t say enough good things about Aaron and his team. Highly knowledgeable, responsive, conscientious, friendly and patient. While helping me create my first website for my construction company, they took the ideas and concepts I was looking for and built a website that was beyond my expectations. I was extremely pleased with their initiative, creativity and communication. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for web design and online marketing. It’s been a pleasure working with them. I plan on continuing to work with them in the future.

Daniel C.
Santa Maria, CA

Found Aaron through a forum… From another contractor. With the speed and quality contractor gorilla provided we have seen sales almost double in as little as 3 months. If you are worried about the money, don’t. Aaron and his team will make it happen.

Joey P.
Vinemont, AL

I am thrilled with the results that Aaron from Contractor Gorilla has given me. I contacted them with a request to build a landing page on New Years day and he responded the next day and started building shortly after. About a week later I had a finished product that looks and functions great. I will definitely do business with them again, and would highly recommend them to anyone that needs to have a website or online marking done.

Vitaliy M.
Washington, NJ

I couldn’t be happier with Contractor Gorilla’s work. They helped design my company logo and website. Aaron and Contractor Gorilla could not have been more responsive to my requests (no matter how dumb they seemed) and also gave extremely helpful advice along the way. We ended up with a beautiful site and I will be happy to recommend them to anyone in the future.

Spencer T.
Manhattan, NY

These guys are great! I can’t believe what they did on my budget… getting a clean, modern, looking website that works on my iPhone and iPad as well. My PPC is now more profitable too.

It took a week to figure out the logo, but that’s probably cause I’m picky. Other than that, five stars.

Tawsif K.
Los Angeles, CA

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