23 Best Landscaping Website Designs for 2024​

Did you know landscaping is a popular trade online and landscaping websites are often searched for on Google. With such a demand online, landscapers are in need of a professionally designed website to win customers. In this article we will explore the the top landscaping websites of 2024!

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You want your landscaping business to stand out from your competitors, so it’s crucial to invest in a high-performing, user-friendly landscaping website design that can help you connect with potential customers. After all, a quality website can help drive new business to your company, enhance your reputation, and increase sales.

To help you select the ideal landscaping website design for your business, we’ve addressed some of the essential qualities to look for in a website, provided some tips for finding the best website designer, and included some of our favorite landscaping websites for inspiration.

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What Makes a Great Landscaping Website Design?​

Great Landscaping Design

Professional Design​

As a landscaper, you already have an eye for design, so be sure to apply those principles to your landscaping website. Remember, your online presence is often one of the first impressions your clients have of your business, meaning your website should reflect your professionalism. To achieve this, you’ll need to create a visually appealing website with a clear and straightforward layout.

User Friendliness​

Your website doesn’t just need to look good—it needs to be functional, too. After all, if your users can’t find what they’re looking for, they will get frustrated and leave your site.

Therefore, when designing your landscaping website, you must focus on user experience, ensuring that the site is intuitive and easy to navigate. This includes making sure your website is functional on all devices, from mobile phones and tablets to desktops and laptops. The more user-friendly your design is, the more likely your clients will engage with your content, increasing the your conversion rate.

Call to Action​

The best landscaping website designs include clear calls to action, prompting users to achieve specific tasks. For instance, you’ll likely want to encourage your users to request a quote, contact your business, and learn more about your services. By including these calls to action on your website, you can gently nudge them through the customer journey.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website isn’t magically going to show up at the top of search results without taking the time to optimize your landscaping website. Search engine optimization makes your website more visible, drives traffic to your pages, and helps you generate leads.

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, start by learning to conduct keyword research and incorporate those keywords into your website content. Or, you can hire an SEO expert to create a customized strategy.

Fast Loading & Error-Free

And finally, your users aren’t going to stick around your site if it’s slow to load or riddled with errors. A fast, good-performing website helps decrease bounce rates, improve customer satisfaction, and increase conversions, so it’s essential to focus on your website’s performance by monitoring load times and fixing any errors.

How to Choose a Landscaping Website Designer​

Website Designer

In addition to understanding the above qualities of an excellent landscaping website, selecting a web designer with the following skills and attributes is crucial.

Specialized Skills

Select a website designer with experience working with landscaping companies, in particular. This way, you’ll know they have the expertise and industry knowledge to create a website that will appeal to your customers. For instance, the website designer should understand what kind of services you offer and the reasons customers are landing on your website in the first place.

Marketing Expertise

Finding a website designer with a strong understanding of SEO and marketing tactics is essential. When shopping around for the best designer, be sure to ask about their marketing knowledge and expertise to help ensure they’re up-to-date on current marketing strategies that they can incorporate into your website.

Portfolio of Landscaping Websites

The proof is in the pudding, or, in this case, the portfolio. It’s important to go with someone who has a proven track record of designing quality landscaping websites so that you’re working with someone who understands your business needs and goals. Browse their portfolio to see if their websites align with your preferences.


As someone who runs a landscaping business, you understand the importance of building a solid reputation. Therefore, when choosing a designer for your website, you want to make sure they have a good reputation, too. Inquire about recommendations and whether you can speak with any of their past clients to get a feel for their services.

How Much Do Landscaping Websites Cost?​

Website Costs

The cost of building your landscaping website will vary based on several factors, but you can usually expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000.

Some factors that can influence the price include:

  • Website Size: How many pages do you need? A simple, straightforward website layout will cost less than a more complex one with lots of pages.

  • Website Hosting: Hosting refers to the service that stores your website files and makes them live on the internet. There are all sorts of web hosting plans at different price points, but it’s important to find one that won’t skimp on performance or optimization.

  • Website content: Consider the cost of hiring professionals to produce your website copy, photos, videos, designs, and logos. While you may be able to do some of this yourself, it’s best to turn to the pros to ensure a more cohesive look and feel.

  • Features & Functionality: The more complex you want your site, the more expensive it will cost. The features, layout, software, and complexity of the site will affect the overall price tag.

Best Landscaping Website Designs in 2024​

Barefoot Lawn Care

Barefoot Lawn Care

The seamless video montage on the Barefoot Lawn Care homepage grabbed our attention as it visually represents the company’s offerings. This helps the user know exactly what services this company provides without reading a single word of text. Aside from the imagery, we enjoy how this website design doesn’t make the user hunt for contact information, as the quote request form, “contact us today” button, phone numbers, and chat box are all front and center. Then, as the user scrolls down, they discover more information about the company’s services and can even browse the gallery to see more.



The BACQYARD website is a reminder of the power of simplicity. We like how the homepage breaks down the landscaping services in just three simple steps, allowing the user to quickly comprehend how the process works. Keeping with the theme of simplicity, we enjoy the clear and concise navigation. It has just three categories to choose from: how it works, pricing, and portfolio—the top things users are most interested in when learning about a landscaping company. Above all, BACQYARD provides a user-friendly interface that’s easily navigable.

Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor

The Lawn Doctor website is another design example that places its calls to action front and center for the user. Located above the fold, there’s a “Have questions? Give us a call” button that conveniently sits right next to the free lawn evaluation form. We also appreciated the short description of the business, followed by its Google ratings and “No Nonsense Guarantee,” which shows this company prides itself on a strong reputation and quality service. Furthermore, the navigation bar is divided into two categories, “services” and “why choose Lawn Doctor?” making it a breeze for the user to find the appropriate information.

Ruppert Landscape

Ruppert Landscape

The four clickable icons under the banner first caught our attention on the Ruppert Landscape homepage. These clickable squares showcase some of the most important pillars of this company, and when the user clicks on them, they’re directed to more information that expands on each category. It’s clear that this landscaping is interested in attracting new talent, which is evident in the “Come grow with us” button that changes colors and features moving arrows, directing the user’s attention and encouraging them to click on it. In terms of design, we praise the use of block text and images, which create a clean and crisp design that’s easy on the eyes.

Westmod Design

Westmod Design​

With just a glance at the Westmod Design website, you can tell it’s not your run-of-the-mill landscaping company. This company exudes luxury by creating an elevated experience with its video banner, showcasing drone footage of classy outdoor designs. We love that this website’s design, font, and imagery capture the brand’s image, as browsing the site feels like an exclusive opportunity. Furthermore, the high-quality videos and images speak for themselves, so the design can get away with using less text.

Great Oaks Landscape

Great Oaks Landscape​

Great Oaks Landscape is another example of a clean and clear design that gets straight to the point. We like the short and sweet description of the company’s services at the top, followed by some featured landscapes and testimonials. We’re also fans of the simple site structure with informative tabs on the navigation bar, easily directing users to the information they need. This website design proves you can make a strong impression without adding too many bells and whistles.

Mike Pyle Design

Mike Pyle Design​

On the Mike Pyle Design site, the one-liner and fireplace image with the moving flames were intriguing as they urged us to discover what this landscaping company offers. As we explored the website more, we loved how the imagery really spoke for itself, accompanied by just a few sentences of copy. What’s more, we thought the little graphic icons were a nice touch. We can only imagine that this company’s landscaping work is equally aesthetically pleasing as the company’s sleek website design.



This LawnStarter website design has an interactive quote feature at the front and center, so users can get straight to work and decide if this landscaping business is a good fit for them. As if that wasn’t handy enough, the website design also includes informative icons representing how quick and hassle-free it is to partner with this business. In fact, they claim the user can get started in less than five minutes. We like this approach because it puts the user at ease, helping them navigate and understand what to expect from this landscaping company.

Harvest Landscape Enterprises Inc

Harvest Landscape Enterprises Inc

Harvest Landscape Enterprise Inc.’s website is another design that expertly incorporates visuals to represent their services. In addition to their use of high-quality images, we liked how they used the color orange to help direct the user’s eyes toward the “learn more” and “apply now” call to actions. Additionally, the clutter-free design makes this site user-friendly while exuding an unwavering sense of professionalism.

Andre Landscape

Andre Landscape

The Andre Landscape website features a playful vibe while still maintaining a professional look and feel. For example, the casual font and graphic icons that look like they were handwritten make the company seem friendly and approachable. As for its other design elements, we thought the featured work section with eye-catching images, catchy phrasing, and clickable links with more information made a great first impression while simultaneously showcasing their work in a visually pleasing manner.



Right off the bat, this landscaping website features a pop-up message offering users a special discount, which is one effective way of encouraging customer engagement. We also appreciated how up-front the company is about its pricing, as the homepage offers convenient comparison graphs and charts, so the customer has a better idea of how Shrub Hub stands out against the competition. As for the visuals of the ShrubHub website, we like the before and after side-by-side images, which did a good job of showcasing their craftsmanship, as well as the animated video that explains the process.

Weed Man

Weed Man

The Weed Man website is another design that keeps user intent top of mind. In addition to placing an interactive quote feature at the top of the page, it also conveniently highlights the other reasons why a user might be on the site: to find a location, refer a friend, or find out about franchising opportunities. These calls to action make it simple for the user to understand how to interact with the website.

Austin Native Landscaping

Austin Native Landscaping​

The Austin Native Landscaping website really excels at showing the kind of work this landscaping company produces. The clear and well-organized design first showcases what they do, followed by who they are and what services they provide. At a glance, a user can easily digest the content, see examples of their services, and discover what sets this business apart from its competitors. As an added perk, we like how the very first link, above the fold, sends users to a contact page with an inquiry form.



Yardzen is another website that rewards users with a promo code right out of the gates. This helps entice the user into learning more about the company. Next, the website features a “weekly yard tour” with before and after photos and a few key points about the upgrade, which we thought was a unique strategy for previewing their work. Although we do find the homepage to be a bit overwhelming since they provide a lot of information upfront, they make up for it in the clear and easy-to-follow navigation bar at the top, which breaks the content into three categories: the design process, how it works, and the design gallery.



This landscaping website design makes the company appear helpful and competent. The video banner and associated text are simple and the point, revealing what Mainscape provides its customers. However, the one thing that really sets this web design apart from the competition is that it features an “accessibility menu” with options to improve the user’s experience based on their individual needs, such as bigger text or color contrasts. This thoughtful and helpful feature makes the website more inclusive for all visitors.



At first, the banner video seemed a bit out of place for a landscaping business until we discovered Gachina’s commitment to preserving ecosystems and biodiversity, which suddenly made the video clip even more impactful. We also liked how the bee and other aspects of nature, like plants, were subtly carried throughout the website as decorative elements. What’s more, we’ve come across many web designs with small text that’s difficult to decipher, so we appreciated the large text that helps call out the important aspects on this website.



It’s clear that this Davey landscaping prides itself on educating its customers. For instance, the interactive banner lets the user scroll through to learn more about landscaping tips, leading to a blog post dedicated to that topic. Furthermore, the navigation bar at the top has an entire section called “Knowledge Center, “ offering more educational content. Aside from that, we think the website did a good job breaking the company’s services down into four bite-sized categories, expertly using images and hyperlinked headers.

Creative Environments

Creative Environments​

Quote requests are the bread and butter of any landscaping business, so it only makes sense to prominently include those forms on a landscaping website. That’s why we appreciated the Creative Environments web design, as it places a quote request button at the very top, followed by a built-in one below the video banner and another quote request button at the bottom of the page. We were also fond of the three graphic icons that offered tiers of information when we clicked on the dropdown arrows.



Xquisite, is another sleek and modern web design that lets its high-quality images do the talking. The image carousel is perhaps one of our favorite aspects of the design, as the user can scroll through the images to see examples of each kind of service, from irrigation and installation to hydroseeding and erosion control. We also celebrated the big, bold font that helps the text stand out from the images without competing for attention.

DJ’s Landscape

DJ’s Landscape

DJ’s Landscape website really stands out as the opening banner practically looks like it could be part of a movie. The homepage is also unique in that it features a pop-out video that captures the essence of the landscaping company. The high-production video clips paired with the rectangular images that identify the company’s solutions bring a level of professionalism that doesn’t go unnoticed. Of all the websites on the list, this one certainly leaves a lasting impression.

Southview Design

Southview Design​

The Southview Design website is another website that proves simplicity can make a statement. The no-fuss blocks of text and images separate each category, making it easy to navigate the site. We also like how the user can scroll through the carousel of images on the banner while the “contact us” button stays static on every image. And, as an added bonus, when the user scrolls over the navigation bar, each tab drops down with additional links and even images to help guide them through the site.


EDSA Plan​​

The EDSA Plan website definitely gets brownie points for creativity as it takes an artsy approach to showcasing its design work. The main banner features a series of videos and text the user can scroll through to explore the company’s insights with clickable links that lead to the full stories. Below the banner, the site plays with the space, using large, eye-catching images in varying sizes and clean, simple text, proving this company knows a thing or two about design.



The first thing we noticed about the Yardnique design was the playful, chunky lowercase lettering that gave it a friendly and inviting appeal. Like some other websites on our list, this site also features video clips that automatically play and a video the user can manually click to watch more. We liked how it incorporated the video element more subtly, not making it the center of attention. And to top it off, we thought the static navigation bar was a nice touch, so the user always had an eye on the tabs without having to scroll back up to find them.

Landscaping Website Design FAQ

While many content management systems are available, WordPress is the best, partially due to its ease of use. Even if you have no coding knowledge, this platform makes it easy to customize and design your site. What’s more, it features a wide variety of themes, plug-ins, and SEO tools.

How good is Wordpress? Wordpress powers 70% or more of the websites online in 2024.

To start, every landscaping website should include home, services, portfolio, blog, about, and contact pages. That said, more advanced websites typically feature city pages, individual service pages, financing pages, and landscaping design tool pages, as these will complement your SEO and marketing efforts.

No, as long as a web designer builds your site correctly, you should not need coding experience to manage it. It’s important to make sure your website designer does not hardcode anything on the pages.

If you haven’t optimized your new landscaping website, it will probably appear in searches related to your company name, but it likely won’t rank for competitive keywords. Because of this, it’s essential to build a website with SEO best practices in mind and consider hiring an SEO expert who can help develop a ranking strategy based on the appropriate keywords.

Some web design companies will estimate three to six months, but we don’t believe it should ever take that long. At Contractor Gorilla, we build websites within four to six weeks as long as the client is responsive to requests.

At Contractor Gorilla, our process is simple. We begin by consulting with you to better understand your needs, and then we use those insights to inform our strategy and create a proposal. Next, we’ll have you fill out our kick-off document, which allows us to move into the designing and building phase, which involves creating your website and incorporating your content. Once you’re happy with the site we’ve built, we’ll launch and maintain it to ensure it’s always running properly.

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