Best Construction Websites for 2022

Are you looking for some construction website designs or examples to inspire your own website? You came to the right place. Explore 40 of the best construction websites and learn what makes them great.

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Many construction businesses are spending tens of thousands of dollars hiring website designers to create fancy websites, to only discover those websites deliver less than average results.

In this article we share 40 construction websites and what makes them great, so you don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes.

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Here Are The Top Construction Websites for 2022


Re-Bath® is a full-service design and bathroom remodeling company, they also offer aging in place services.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The design feels warm and inviting
  • Easy to read and navigate
  • Professional videos
  • Clear idea of their services

ABC Seamless

ABC Seamless is an exterior renovations company.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Easy to navigate
  • Great call to action
  • Great videos
  • Engaging content

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

DreamMaker is a professional remodeling company that focuses on kitchens and baths but they also offer other construction services.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Great lead flow
  • Website structure and layout flows
  • Easy to find a local contact
  • Professional photos
  • Great our process page

One Day Doors & Closets

One Day Doors & Closest is a national business.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Simple and clean design
  • Excellent video
  • Interactive portfolio
  • Easy to find a dealer

Connect Homes

Connect Homes is a custom home builder that offers 14 different spec homes.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Amazing intro animation
  • Great use of fonts
  • Sidebar style navigation that stays fixed as you scroll
  • Quality work photos
  • Intuitive interactive process

Reborn Home Solutions

Reborn is a residential remodeling company that offers a full-range of services from windows & doors to bathrooms and complete remodels.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Strong call to action to convert visitors into leads
  • Great exit intent pop up
  • Strong promotional offers
  • Great user flow and navigation
  • Pop-out menu with the lead form

Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter is a unique one day bathroom installation company. They offer solutions from tubs to showers and more for your bathroom.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Simplicity of this website
  • Interactive design tool
  • Great use of a mega menu
  • Single orange color for all calls to action
  • Professional photos

All County Exteriors

All County Exteriors is one of the largest exterior renovations companies on the east coast. We designed and built this website.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • #1 on Google for roofing
  • Strong calls to action
  • Amazing SEO
  • Localized directory
  • Reviews widget that floats on the right side of the site

Harry Helmet

Who said Gutter Cleaning websites can’t be award-winning?
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Sticky lead form
  • Amazing conversion funnels
  • Location finder is smart
  • Great content in the blog

Mike Schaap Builders

Mike Schaap is a design and construction firm that has built a stellar reputation in the industry.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Simple homepage hero slider
  • Clean minimalist design
  • Professional videos
  • Great portfolio which they gave a unique name ‘Project Collection’

PCL Constructors

PCL is a commercial focused construction company that offers preconstruction, P3s and EPC delivery methods.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The opening animation on all the pages grabs you and peaks your interest
  • Most commercial focused websites are typically not the best but this website has a great design and flow
  • You get a sense of the size of this company from the images they use throughout the site
  • They make great use of a mega menu for the large amount of pages this site has. The only thing we would like to see is more visuals on the mega menu.
  • Labelling the blog ‘insights’ is smart and attracts you to click it more than if it said blog

Bill Huey + Associates

Bill Huey & Associates is a full service architecture firm.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Modern, minimalist website design with a heavy emphasis on their work pictures
  • They utilize professional photos of their work to showcase projects
  • Homepage hero slider is visually appealing with an animated logo
  • Simple and clear navigation
  • Portfolio has project details and high quality images

Empire Today

Empire Today is a Flooring, blinds and shades company. Empire Today® Makes getting beautiful new floors easy.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • This website has great call to action with promotions throughout
  • They offer a Shop At Home experience with a robust product gallery to find the products you want
  • The reviews in the top header which goes to a third party review site with over 3,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.4
  • The schedule a in-home estimate flow is done well making it easy for customers to schedule consultations

Restore Tactics

Restore Tactics is a high-quality plumbing and restoration company located in Sylmar, California.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • This website makes great use of a unique font type which creates a unique identity for the site
  • The website has a strong call to action with a great lead form on the top of the homepage
  • We like how simple this website is, it’s clean and easy to navigate
  • They have a great service areas page for local SEO
  • The contact form on the contact page is great, it only has a few fields to contact them

MVP Construction

MVP Construction is a simple and user-friendly website that has all the right elements on it. They offer roofing, siding and windows.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The simplicity of this website, it’s not cramped with content and has a great flow
  • The project gallery is broken up by categories. You can easily look at work based on what you are interested in
  • The blog has good content that is simple and to the point and offers value to the readers


McCarthy is a well known commercial construction company with a massive appeal.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Professional intro video on the homepage
  • This is a massive website and they achieved a simple navigation style with a great mega menu
  • The locations page is simple and intuitive to find the nearest location. It’s also optimized well for local SEO
  • They use professional photos on the entire site and all photos are of their projects and people
  • The website is very simple at its core

Canyon Design Build

Canyon Design Build is a full-service design + build company that masters the power of collaboration.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • At first glance this website might seem underwhelming but as you dig deeper it aims to please
  • The homepage has a simple staggered design with very limited content which makes it easy to scan through
  • The site has a simple project based portfolio with category filters making it easy to browse projects
  • They use good images on the site and their portfolio images are all professionally done

Jova Construction

Jova Construction is an international construction and renovation company.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The homepage is based on a business card concept
  • The animated portfolio is exciting to browse and view projects
  • The website uses nice images throughout
  • The approach they took with the services page is very unique. I have never seen such an engaging services page
  • We think too many animations on a website are not good but this website has done a great job with their animations

Rob Mills

Rob Mills is a high end architecture firm that specialize in Land, Architecture, Interiors and Living.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • On initial homepage load they showcase a short film highlighting the firm and their capabilities
  • They utilize a dropdown menu system to easily find what you are looking for
  • All the photos on this website are professional and create a strong sense of the brand
  • The use of font styles on this website is excellent
  • Contact information is easily accessed and they make it clear how to contact their different locations

Home Pros of Central PA

Home Pros of Central PA is a residential remodeling company.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The initial homepage slider rotates through their service offerings with appealing visuals to engage users
  • They showcase user reviews upfront on the website to build credibility
  • We like simple sites and this site is very modern and easy to navigate
  • The portfolio has project categories and nice pictures of their work
  • They have some great landing pages which are used for paid advertising

Backyard Unlimited

Backyard Unlimited is a family-owned business that is committed to providing Californians with some of the highest quality backyard structures available today.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • This website makes use of a minimal design with good negative space
  • The special promo box that pops from the bottom is good for converting leads
  • The navigation for exploring their different products is intuitive and makes it easy to find things
  • The site uses very professional images and their product catalogs are great
  • The Google reviews integration is great but we think they should move it to the header as many people will not find it in the footer

ADC Engineering

ADC Engineering is a civil, aviation, structural engineer and landscape architect.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The initial homepage slider has great drone footage that is subtle and elegantly integrated into the hero slider
  • This website is well done, it’s so simple and engaging
  • The Why ADC page is very nice with great content to understand what sets this firm apart
  • The portfolio uses a masonry style gallery with category filtering

Tellus Design + Build

Tellus Design + Build

Tellus Design + Build is a great example of contractor website design. They have something unique but keep simple to avoid confusion on how to use the website.

Why we picked this construction website:
  • The masonry style homepage with animated hover effect is effective and engaging
  • Their use of professional photos to showcase their work is great
  • They emphasize their Houzz awards on pages which is great for credibility
  • The use of the brand’s colors and font styles on this website are perfect
  • Integrated client login with Builder Trend makes it easy for existing clients to login to their project management tool

Total Basement Finishing

Total Basement Finishing (TBF) is any homeowner’s one-stop-shop for transforming their unusable, unfinished basement into a beautiful, livable space.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • This website is modern and done very well for a WordPress website
  • The sticky navigation on top is great so users don’t have to scroll up to get back to the navigation
  • The find a contractor search is very intuitive and easy to find local professionals
  • The website is optimized well for SEO but could be improved

North American Roofing

North American Roofing is a commercial roofing contractor.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The homepage of this construction website has an interesting interactive hero slider
  • The use of their sticky navigation is great. The main navigation always stays fixed on the top as you scroll down the pages
  • The website has strong call to action, with multiple ways to get in touch with the company
  • They showcase their 40 year anniversary on the homepage which builds credibility
  • They have a great blog which is packed with content and information related to commercial roofing


ARM advises many of the world’s prominent real estate families, institutions and investors on commercial property acquisitions and real estate mandates in New York.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The homepage on this website has a great image of New York which captures your interest
  • The homepage is very unique and makes the website standout from the typical construction website
  • The portfolio on this website is done well with great category filters.
  • We like the full screen menu and the design
  • The press section on the about page is done very well

Service Genius

Service Genius is a Los Angeles based HVAC contractor.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • This site was built to be a lead machine and in my opinion they have done a great job
  • The custom live chat pop out is engaging and inviting
  • How they used icon elements to highlight content within the design and layout
  • The specials section on the homepage is nice which gives the user an option to print the coupons
  • The financing page with the payment calculator is done well


Design + build, outdoor living, energy performance this company does it all.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The homepage is so modern and minimalist you feel comfortable when you land on it
  • The website uses professional photos and videos to create a great persona for the brand
  • The call to action and flow is strong, we don’t like how you are locked in on step 2 of the lead flow but maybe it’s working for them
  • The work gallery on this site is different from what you typically see and it does a great job at showcasing their projects

KLOPF Architecture

Klopf Architecture is a design + build firm that focuses on modern design ranging from more minimal / gallery-style projects.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The homepage slider has amazing photos of the houses they did and it captures your interest
  • They do a great job at showcasing their recognition to build credibility with users
  • The portfolio on this website is very simple but the photos are all professional and make their work stand out

Window World

Window World is a national window installation company.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • This website is built with a core objective of generating leads and they have great call to action
  • Putting financing and reviews on the main navigation is a great idea
  • Simple zip code store locator makes it easy to find your local dealer
  • While the content structure of this website could be better, it most likely still generates leads at a good conversion rate
  • The website has strong SEO and good rankings on Google

Hotel Rehabs

Hotel Rehabs is a nationwide hotel renovation company specializing in branded and independent boutique projects.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • We like the branding on this website, it definitely creates a unique style
  • The team page is done well and most of the headshots are professionally taken
  • The careers page integration with Indeed
  • The portfolio page on this site is great but I do think they need to take some better pictures of some of the projects

Schumacher Homes

Schumacher Homes is the largest, and one of the most decorated, custom home builders in the country.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The background video on the homepage grabs your attention
  • We like the idea of having the promotions as part of the main navigation. The promotions page could be improved but it’s a good placement
  • You can browse the house plans and the house plan details pages are intuitive
  • The interactive service areas page is great, they have many locations but the map makes it easy to find where they work
  • When you hover over the top navigation links a visual element appears, this is unique and adds a nice touch

Focus Building Solutions

FBS is a design, build , furnish company located in Saudi Arabia.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • So this website is very unique and interactive, it has many animations and effects on the entire site
  • While we love how unique this site is, it’s a little confusing to navigate
  • This construction website has a great portfolio with professional pictures of their work
  • We think they went all in on the design of this website but it’s lacking in usability and call to action

Costello Construction

Costello Construction has built a variety of commercial construction projects. They specialize in Higher Education, Fitness and Recreation, Libraries, Office Buildings, and Parking Garages.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Simple homepage design
  • The burger menu pop out is done well
  • This construction website has a great portfolio with project type categories
  • The site does lack in user friendliness

The Renatus Group

The Renatus Group is a real estate investment company located in New York.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • This website is very basic with not much to it but it aligns with the brand
  • We like the slider on the homepage but they could improve the images

Stella Domo

Stella Domo is a technology-based design and manufacturing company based in Austin, Texas.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • This website is nice but it lacks in usability
  • We like the initial loading animation on the homepage
  • This site has great potential but we think the navigation style is too fancy and makes it hard to figure out how to use the site


Cover designs, permits, manufactures, and installs beautiful backyard homes in Los Angeles.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The homepage ‘check your backyard’ function engages users and gets them into the site
  • The video on the product page is professionally done and shows their sense of quality
  • The pricing page is done very well and sets expectations for the cost of their services
  • The site makes great use of negative space and imagery

Desert Star Construction

Desert Star Construction has advanced a tradition of excellence and integrity in the Arizona custom home industry.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • Modern, simple and functional homepage
  • Professional pictures
  • The project showcase is simple and easy to browse their projects

Rocka Builders

Rocka Builders is a modern residential design, remodeling and construction company.

Why we picked this construction website:
  • This website uses a simple modern design which fits great with their brand
  • We like the sub-menu navigation on the services page which makes it easy to jump to a specific service on the page
  • The portfolio uses a simple masonry project based gallery with nice project detail pages
  • The contact page has a simple inquiry form making it easy for people to get in touch

Level 10 Construction

Level 10 Construction is a California-based general contractor driven to deliver construction projects at the highest level.
Why we picked this construction website:
  • The homepage slider has great video but the call to action is a little hard to read
  • The use of the sticky navigation is great which makes it easier to navigate this site
  • They showcase their NARI award large and on top of the homepage for credibility
  • We like how they showcase their awards to build credibility
  • The top menu makes good use of a mega menu with good visuals

Lessons Learned from the Best Construction Websites

After looking at 40 of the best construction websites out there, you can see that there are a lot of different ways to build a great website for contractors. This is because every company is a little different and will incorporate certain design elements in their own unique way.

However, there are some common threads found in the top construction websites, and if you can find a way to include these elements in your site, then you are putting you and your company in a much better position to succeed.

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