6 Proven Electrician Lead Generation Strategies That Work

Honing the process of electrician lead generation is a surefire way to guarantee business growth. Without a growing number of leads, the business stagnates. Using these strategies will counter that perfectly.
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As an electrician reading this, you’ll already know that you need a fairly consistent supply of leads to keep your business running. Electrician lead generation is required on a continuous basis as the majority of work carried out isn’t required on a repeat or annual basis. It’s not like HVAC where elements require servicing regularly.

That means that you need new customers, and new customers are the hardest to find. They require the most amount of persuasion and effort to turn into paying clients. That means getting your lead generation process slick and effective is incredibly important.

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Common Types of Electrical Leads

Types of Electrical Leads

The types of leads that you’ll see come in as an electrician vary depending on your specialty. There are many contractors who work in a general sense, but more and more electricians are focusing on one area in particular in order to build their name and reputation.

Common types of electrical leads include:

  • Lighting Leads
  • Residential New Construction Leads
  • Electrical Repair Leads
  • Low-Voltage Projects Leads
  • Commercial Project Leads
  • And many more…

You’ll find that the method of lead generation will vary depending on the type of leads you’re targeting. Residential leads will require a different tactic than commercial leads due to the nature of the transaction. With residential leads, you’re dealing with the customers themselves. Whereas with commercial leads, you’re potentially discussing the issue with an employee or building manager. That means you’re selling to a business rather than a consumer.

Similarly, some leads will take a while to nurture. Someone looking to have their whole home rewired may take their time when compared to someone who requires an electrical problem to be fixed as soon as possible.

6 Effective Electrician Lead Generation Tactics

Electrician Lead Generation Tactics
These lead generation tactics are a great starting point for your business. Some are simple enough that you can implement them yourself immediately, while others will require a bit of thought or some professional advice.

Stand Out With a Unique Selling Point (USP)

It’s important to remember that your business is as unique as you are. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t necessarily differentiate you from other businesses in the local area. That’s where your USP comes in. Your unique selling point is something that you offer that is different from other sellers in the area or sector.

There are a number of different USPs that businesses regularly tout such as:

  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Qualifications
  • Attribution to special industry bodies
  • Reviews
  • The team
  • Years in the business

These are good starting points, but you should consider something genuinely unique if you want to stand apart. Think about what you can offer that really is different and nobody else in the local area is offering. Perhaps a special guarantee on work? Or a referral offer? There are hundreds of options to consider. The key is to pick one.

Revamp Your Site into a Lead-Generating Powerhouse

Having a professional electrician website design is a great first step to building an online presence. Unfortunately, that’s where many contractors leave it. Their websites stagnate and fall by the wayside. If you’re serious about lead generation then your website is one of the best places to start.

Get into your customer’s heads and think about what they’d want when they first get to your page. They’ll probably want your contact details easily to hand, they’ll want to see what type of work you offer, what your reputation is like, and whether or not you’re in their budget.

Having a simple contact form on the first visible piece of the website design is a great way to capture maximum leads. You’d be surprised how lazy people can be, if they have to search for your contact details they simply won’t.

Manage Online Reviews Like a Boss

Reviews aren’t just a source of pride, they’re a powerful marketing tool. When people review you online they’re adding to the digital world that’s all about you and your business. You can use these reviews to entice other people, shout about them on social media, plus they’ll be there, ready and waiting, when people go searching for contractors.

Many platforms allow you to respond to reviews, you should make sure to do this, including any bad reviews you might pick up. It shows that you’re a genuine human being who is willing to talk with customers and that you’re engaged.

Appear on Google’s First Page for Local Searches (Local SEO)

Building a successful SEO campaign is no easy task but is probably the best way to generate leads. You’ll likely want to seek professional assistance to try and climb the ranks of Google, but there are basic steps that you can do yourself:

  • Build a Google My Business profile. This free and easy process literally gets you on the map (Google Maps) and gives you a great place to collect reviews.
  • Submit your business details to directories. Local newspapers and state pages often have business directories. Plus there are nationwide repositories such as BrightLocal.
  • Keep your website up to date with the latest work you’ve completed.

Use Paid Ads for Fast Results

If SEO is the marathon, paid advertising is the sprint. Turning on ads can lead to instant results but you’ll pay a handsome fee for the privilege. Google Ads or social media ads are the most popular methods where you’ll pay per click in hopes that when someone reaches your website they’ll request your services.

It’s very easy to spend a lot of money quickly using online advertising so you need to be careful with your budget and be sure that you’re spending appropriately compared to your lead value.

Leverage Referral Programs and Services

Referral leads are some of the easiest leads to convert. People have already recommended your services, they’ve already begun to buy into what you have to offer, and are ready to hear from you. Therefore it makes sense to invest in a system of referrals where people, customers, or other businesses are willing to refer business your way.

You can set up your own referral system by offering a discount code or reward to any customer that offers you a referral that converts. Another option is to seek strategic partnerships with businesses that share your same audience but aren’t competitors. A partnership allows you to refer business back and forth for mutual gain.

Key Takeaways

Electrician Lead Generation Takeaways
Developing your electrician lead generation methods is a great way to ensure that you have work, clients, and revenue coming into the business. Building a system that makes lead generation simple, cost-effective, and efficiently allows growth to happen naturally and sustainably.
  • Some lead generation methods will be better suited to certain types of lead.
  • The easier you can make it for your prospects to communicate with you the more likely they are to become a lead.

Looking for a bit of professional help? Have questions about the best way to present yourself online? Get in touch with Contractor Gorilla to explore your options.

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