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View some of the best commercial construction websites and learn what makes their sites standout as leaders.

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Many of our client projects involve commercial construction websites. When we approach a commercial company site design we use a different approach than we would with a residential contractors website. Commercial construction websites are very different than a residential contractor, and here’s why…

  • Commercial websites are predominantly used for branding information purposes
  • Commercial websites are not focused on lead generation as much as residential sites
  • Commercial websites have very different goals and objectives
  • Commercial websites have more information and pages
  • Commercial websites focus on large B2B clients versus homeowners
  • Commercial websites are typically found through word of mouth and referrals

What elements are a must-have for commercial construction websites

Remember you’re creating a commercial website for your clients, not yourself. Make sure you display what is most important to your website visitors. Clear, high-quality photos, accessible contact information, credentials, and background information are the key components visitors to your commercial website are looking for. By providing those elements, you offer real value to your visitors, earn their loyalty and ultimately, their business.

  • Portfolio with professional photos of your work
  • Awards, credentials and licensing information
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Services pages with clear information on your capabilities
  • Clear call to action to make it easy for users to contact you
  • About page with information on the company history and the executive team
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Our Top Picks of Commercial Construction Website Designs


Bechtel is one of the largest commercial construction companies.

Why we picked this commercial website:

  • The site uses a clean design with simple navigation.
  • They leverage the power of visual content and have professional images to engage you on the website.
  • The website showcases their work which is broken down by segment.
  • They feature their news and credentials clearly throughout the site.
  • They have great video content on the website.
Fluor designs, builds and maintains the world’s toughest commercial projects.

Why we picked this commercial website:

  • The site uses minimal content to present their large capabilities.
  • They let their projects showcase their unique business strengths.
  • They use a mega menu that has visual elements to direct your attention to key pages.
  • Their projects are broken down on a global map that’s interactive.
  • They keep the website page content simple and to the point.
AECOM is the world’s premier infrastructure firm.

Why we picked this commercial website:

  • The site makes great use of high impact visuals.
  • They clearly present their position in the market on the site.
  • They have extensive information about the company and its values.
  • Their project portfolio has professional images and detailed information about each project.
  • They showcase their big client names throughout the site.
Kiewit engineers are focused on what matters most to you: performance, schedule, safety, total installed and operating costs.

Why we picked this commercial website:

  • The homepage uses a full-screen slider which really grabs your attention.
  • You can quickly and easily drill down into their market segments from the homepage.
  • They out their popular client projects front and center.
  • They are a national business and make it easy to find divisions in your region.
  • This website has a ton of information on their company and capabilities.
Tutor Perini
Extraordinary Projects. Exceptional Performance.

Why we picked this commercial website:

  • This website has a minimal approach which makes it simple yet effective.
  • They use high-quality images and media throughout the entire site.
  • They break up the site navigation in a simple way that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • The project portfolio is well laid out with amazing photographs of their work.
  • This website makes use of great typography with well throughout fonts and colors.
Creating and delivering sustainable solutions.

Why we picked this commercial website:

  • This website has an amazing color palette. It’s warm and welcoming.
  • They use a masonry approach on the homepage which presents the information in an engaging layout.
  • The structure of the information in the navigation is clean and interactive.
  • The branding on the website is consistent throughout all pages.
  • The news section of the website is filled with great information and structured in a simple easy to digest format.
Whiting-Turner provides construction management, general contracting, design build and integrated project delivery services/

Why we picked this commercial website:

  • We really like the background video that plays on the hero slider of the homepage.
  • The website has a mega-menu for their portfolio allowing users to browse projects by markets
  • The structure of the information in the navigation is clean and interactive.
  • The branding on the website is consistent throughout all pages.
  • The news section of the website is filled with great information and structured in a simple easy to digest format.
DPR Construction
DPR Construction is a unique technical builder with a passion for results. Ranked among the top 50 commercial construction companies in the country.

Why we picked this commercial website:

  • The homepage uses a scrolling slider which is engaging and makes great use of photography to engage users.
  • The main menu on this website is broken into 4 sections who, how, what and news. This makes it more user-friendly to find what you need.
  • The website is simple at its core. The way it uses visuals to tell the story of the page content is done very well.
  • The news and blog section is organized with a masonry grid and the articles are written professionally.

Commercial construction website key takeaways

To wrap it up, here are 4 simple takeaways from this article that you can implement on your commercial website:

1. Keep it simple

When designing a commercial construction website, simplicity is the key to success. The primary objective of your website should be to convey to potential clients that you provide professional services and have the credentials and proper licensing to handle projects. To achieve this, focus on design elements and pages that effectively communicate this information to visitors, omitting any unnecessary additions.

2. Make your commercial website load fast

Making sure your commercial construction website pages load quickly is crucial for several reasons.

Firstly, a slow-loading website can frustrate visitors and result in them leaving your site before even viewing your services. This can lead to a loss of potential clients and revenue.

Secondly, website speed is a vital factor for search engine optimization (SEO), as search engines like Google prioritize websites that load quickly in their search results. This means that a slow website may not rank well in search results, reducing your online visibility and decreasing the chances of attracting new clients.

Therefore, optimizing your website’s loading speed is essential for ensuring a positive user experience, increasing online visibility, and generating new business opportunities.

3. Use professional photos

Professional photos can establish credibility and trust with your audience. By presenting projects in a professional and visually appealing manner, you demonstrate a commitment to quality and attention to detail, which can build confidence in your services.

By ensuring that your website has high-quality images, you are not only presenting your projects in the best possible way but also sending a message to potential clients that you are a professional and reliable construction company.

Investing in professional photography is a worthwhile expense for any commercial construction website.

4. Write high-quality content

It’s important to have your content written professionally because it demonstrates your professionalism and attention to detail.

High-quality content can also improve your search engine rankings which can lead to increased traffic and potential new clients.

You also need to make sure your website uses proper grammar and has no spelling mistakes.

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