7 Roofing Website Ideas That Will Amplify Organic Leads

You would be surprised how many ways a well-optimized website can generate quality leads and cut down on advertising costs. A few steps in the right direction can go a long way and make all the difference for your business.
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If you’re a roofer running your own business, or you’re in charge of marketing and the website for a firm, chances are you’re looking for roofing website ideas. You might not know where to start. The best advice is to think about the purpose, and ultimately that’s to deliver you leads. These best practices will do exactly that.
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Qualities Of An Extraordinary Roofing Website

Website Design

The very best roofing website designs will feature almost all of the features and qualities listed below. When planning a new website, or evaluating your own, bear these in mind.

  • Customization: Don’t go for a simple templated website that’s the same as everyone else, stand out from the crowd with your own design.
  • Personalize it: Show yourself and your team, people like to know who might visit their home.
  • Optimization: If you want your site to appear near or at the top of Google, you’ll need it to be optimized for SEO and it needs to load quickly.
  • Engages visitors: Websites that are purely about the sale won’t get anywhere near as much engagement as those that educate and inform their visitors.
  • Stays on brand: When branding your website, consider your logo, your social media presence, and even your uniforms and vehicles. All of it should tie into one brand.
  • Security: At the very least, you need to have an SSL certificate on your site, it shows users that they are on a secure, protected site.

7 Roofing Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Business


These 7 roofing website ideas are tried and tested methods that will bolster your website, position you as a great option, and deliver a growing amount of leads. If you already have a website in place, look at your own and consider if you’re following these best practices. The best roofing websites will showcase all of these.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Spacing

Lots of websites pack in as much content and as many images as they possibly can, assuming that’s what the user will want to see. A better option is to consider using spacing, and white space, to keep the items on your site clear and easy to distinguish.

The white space around modules and content will make it easier on the eye and feel less overwhelming for the user. There’s a balance to be had between liberal use and not enough. The best way to gauge this is to design your site, and then give it to some close friends or colleagues to critique.

Make An Impression

The first part of the website that the user sees without having to scroll is referred to in website design as being above the fold. This is where you need to make your first impression. Eye-catching visuals, clear distinctive messaging, and an understanding of how to get to their desired information are all incredibly important at this stage.

Many businesses have opted to use huge images at the top of their site, these are nicely styled options but don’t necessarily work in the best way to get you leads. If you want to get the most leads possible you’re better off choosing a good-looking header (still with an image that clearly demonstrates what you do) but also with a short, simple contact form.

These forms work great at capturing the rush leads, the people who want to give their details quickly to multiple companies and receive a few quotes. They might not be the most qualified leads, but your company will be in the running. If they have to go looking for your contact form, chances are they won’t.

Ask Website Visitors To Do Something

If the user has made the effort to get to your website, they are likely going to be willing to take action on it. Asking the user clearly to take action is referred to as a call-to-action or CTA. These take multiple forms on websites.

You might ask the user to:

  • Fill in a form
  • Call you
  • Send you an email
  • Download a price list or brochure
  • Sign up for your mailing list
There are lots of options, you’ll naturally pick one based on what you have to offer your user. The key is to be sure that you ask.

Let Your Testimonials Shine

You should absolutely be asking people to leave you reviews. Be that on your own website, by email, or by a third-party platform such as Google. Wherever these reviews and testimonials are kept, make sure to showcase them. As with case studies, people want to hear what their peers and others in their situation have to say about your services.

Give Different Contact Options

People like to communicate in different ways. Some like to email, others like to phone, some will want to WhatsApp you, and others might want to fill out a form. Make sure that you are offering lots of different options that cater to all the different types of communicators. You’ll certainly find that the younger generations of new homeowners will lean towards WhatsApp and other messaging services rather than email and phone calls.

Be The Expert

People will want your advice, so be willing to give it. Provide FAQs, information packs, and even how-to guides on your website to help educate and inform the users. They might not immediately want to get in touch with you, but you’ll certainly be on their radar not just as a roofer but as an expert in your field.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways
These roofing website ideas are the start of the website design planning process, but they are essential to bear in mind when creating a new website. Keep them in your head and you’re sure to create a website that delivers lead after lead.
  • Many core features will be handled by your construction WordPress theme.
  • Make sure to share your website with colleagues and friends for effective feedback during the design process
That might sound overwhelming and a lot like hard work, if you’d like some effective, professional advice, see what Contractor Gorilla can help you with.
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