Lead Generating Ideas for Landscapers

More than some other trades and contractors, landscapers need to show off their work in a visual, appealing way in order to win leads. That means coming up with some landscaper website ideas that not only look great but also encourage prospects to get in touch.
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As a landscaper, your website is one of the best lead-generating tools available to you. Yes, you might get a lot of work through referrals, but consider that almost all people that receive a recommendation turn straight to the internet to ratify that referral. That means they want to find a professional website that’s well-designed and easy to use.

When designing a new site, using a template, or updating a current one these landscaper website ideas will guide you to the end goal of creating a stunning website that’s a lead machine!

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8 Landscaper Website Ideas That Boost Business

The following ideas should be incorporated into every landscaper’s website. Rather than seeing them as inspiration, you should see this as something of a checklist. Make sure that they’re a genuine part of your site.

A Great Logo

Your logo is your stamp, it’s your brand at a glance, and is often what attracts some people when they’re browsing through long lists of companies. It might be tempting to create your own logo, but it’s often the case that investing a bit of money to get one made professionally will make all the difference.

Don’t make it too detailed or intricate, imagine that you want this logo to go onto business cards, email signatures, clothing, and potentially vehicles. It needs to be crisp, clear, and most importantly, easily recognizable.

Show Off Your Work

Landscaping is naturally a very visual trade. The finished product is often the best representation of your work. Taking the time to take a few photos around the project will produce a set of resources you can use to promote your business.

Some photography tips:

  • If you’re particularly proud of a project, hire a professional photographer, their photos will do so much better than the ones you take on your phone.
  • Ask if the client is happy to be in some of the photos, they’ll work great for case studies.
  • Don’t be afraid to be in photos yourself, after all, it’s your business.
  • Make sure you take the photos at the best time of day with the best weather.
  • Ensure that the shots are clean, without building materials or clutter.

Trust Badges

Before people will hire you, they need to feel that they can trust you. Sharing awards that you’ve earned or been nominated for, accreditations that you’ve earned, or professional bodies that you’re subscribed to are all great ways to build trust. Remember that if someone is presented with a reason not to trust you, or decides that they trust a competitor more, they’ll move on.

Customer Testimonials

Your testimonials are another great way to build trust. They are snippets that explain precisely what it was like to work with you, straight from the mouths of customers that have worked with you. It’s not unusual for testimonials to be one of the first things that prospects will search for after they receive a recommendation or land on your site.

Make them easily accessible and keep them up to date with the latest reviews that you’ve received.

Post A Portfolio

Your portfolio is a great way to showcase your work. They need to be completely full of stunning images that show just how amazing you could make their home look. To make the best use of a portfolio, work in categories so that customers can easily find the projects that are most applicable to their situation.

Location Pages

Chances are that your business is focused in a specific location. If you want your website to show in searches related to that location you need to have pages that are dedicated to it. Don’t assume that simply because your business is in that local area Google will show your website. You need to get specific to succeed at SEO.

Pages such as those listed below will attract both local visitors and Google itself.

  • Tennessee lawn care
  • Memphis landscaping quotes
  • The best plants for the Shelby climate

A Landscaping Blog

One of the best things you can do to generate leads is to sound like and act like an expert that people can trust. A great way to build trust and present yourself as an expert is to regularly update a blog. That blog can certainly mention your services, but it should educate, inform, and entertain before selling. It’s a way to show just how well you know your field. Plus it’ll work wonders for your website’s traffic and ranking.

CTAs... A Lot Of ‘Em!

CTAs, or call-to-actions, tell the customer what to do. When a prospect visits your website they’ll usually work through the content on the first page that they land on and then they have a decision to move through the rest of the site or to leave. The key is to ask them to complete an activity through a CTA. Don’t assume that someone will complete the action simply because you’d like them to. They need specific directions.

Example CTAs include:

  • Sign Up for Our Newsletter
  • Request a Free Estimate
  • Ask a Question
  • Call Us Today

These are often buttons but could just as easily be in the form of a popup. Just be conservative with popup use, they’re certainly not universally popular but with value attached, they’re welcomed.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways
If you want to make the most of your website design, this list is a great starting place. The best advice is to revisit the tips regularly throughout the development process and beyond. Remember that, at the very least, your website needs to be valuable and useful to its visitors.
  • Keep your branding consistent across different locations, it all starts with your logo.
  • Ensure that the website is as good on mobiles as on desktops.
  • Always aim to inform, educate, or entertain.

If you’re looking for even more landscaping website ideas why not speak to the professionals? Request a consultation with Contractor Gorilla.

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